Since a long time, agriculture and rather than fishing, has been the backbone of Pantelleria’s economy, so that the accesses to the sea are not everywhere, but they are easily reachable with every mean of transport. 







Therefore, whoever decides to spend an holiday here, should enjoy both the sea and the inland, where it is possible to find wonderful maintained trails and thermal pools plunged into nature. A boat tour around the island is recommended, it is pretty cheap, you can usually find abundant food and wine on board, there are swimming stops and the possibility of discovering views and places you couldn’t reach by land. Its history, architecture and landscape make Pantelleria a unique place in Italy.








Pantelleria is a volcanic island characterized by a peculiar landscape, where nature ( ancient lava flows and stones, coves and stacks) joins handmade constructions used to harvest abundant crops, dry stone walls ( they serve the fourfold purpose of removing stones from the ground, retaining it, marking the boundary of the field and sheltering from the wind), “Pantelleria gardens” (cyilindric structures made of lavic stones that shelter the citrus trees from the wind and regulate microclimate effects providing the plants with water when it lacks) and the “dammusi” (rural cubic buildings made of dry stone walls with white cupolas on the roofs and round-arched openings, examples of atavic bioclimatic architecture).











Panteschi’s hospitality is as special as the beauty of the island and their best known products, capers and passito, famous throghout the world, can be bought in food shops or in specialized outlets.








The island economy is based on agriculture, specialized in grapevine cultivation: the most famous indigenous wines are the Zibibbo, also known as “Moscato d’Alessandria” , the pride of the island, and sweet wines such as Moscato and Passito. Raisins and capers production and preservation is excellent as well and the latter obtained IGP status (Protected Geographical Indication).








A regular ferry service links the port of the island with Trapani.  Pantelleria airport runs both regular flights every day, from and to Sicily, and during the summer, from June to September, with the  mainland Italy. For more information on how to get on the island, click here.